Zombies and Undead. And, of course, Zombies.

Go kick some 8-bit zombie butt.

When there was no more room in hell once again, Carlo, the devil's servant, sent most of hell's population back to earth. The dead stepped out of their graves to spread horror and chaos. Now it's your turn to clean the graveyard from those strange happenings going on there and to take the final step - defeating Carlo!

"Gloomy Nights and Living Dead" is an oldschool arcade action game that will remind you of the good old days. If you were a zombie hunter back then, it will have an even stronger effect of nostalgia on you. So don't hesitate, just play it now.

How To Play

To win the game, you simply have to beat 100 levels. To master this, you'll just have to turn all the living dead into dead dead. In other words... just shoot at everything that moves!

Sounds hard? Well, if you don't feel capable of doing this all by yourself, you may also ask a fellow human for assistance.

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